A Guide for Scholars to the First Day of School

A Guide for Scholars to the First Day of School
August 23, 2020 Madeline Janicki

First Day of School

Hello Huskies and Families!

We are excited to start our new school year with you!  Our first day of school is tomorrow, August 24, and you will be in school from 9am-3:45pm each day.  Attendance and classroom assignments are mandatory all day, every school day.  Here’s what you need to know:

1. Be sure you have officially registered for school by completing the Annual Family Update. Information on registration is here.

2.Watch our morning meeting from 8-9am.  You can find our morning meeting on the Hamilton webpage: Hamilton.dpsk12.org It will posted for you on the front page by 8am on Monday morning.  This morning meeting will lead you through the first day’s schedule, where to go for your first class, how to practice wellness, where you can get lunch, and much more.

  1. Find your schedule. Go to myportal.dpsk12.org.  Your username is your lunch number.  Password is your 8-digit birth-date.  Scroll down to find your schedule.    Be sure your find your Advisor’s last name (listed as ADV and Homeroom on your schedule)
  2. Download Dr. Sawyer’s Rockstar Virtual Student Planner. Once you click on it, make a copy of it and add it to your drive. I made this for all of my students, as I know how challenging it can be to plan out your virtual school day!
  • Follow the instructions and write out the pink portions BEFORE your first class, Advisory (Homeroom).
  • Your advisors will help you set up your first day’s schedule, too.
  • My Rockstar Virtual Student Planner will also prepare you with the organizational skills you will need for college!
  1.   Be  logged in and ready in your Advisor’s class at 9am sharp. The GoogleMeets code is:   Hamilton(Advisor’s Last Name).  For example, if I was your advisor, the GoogleMeets code would be:  HamiltonSawyer.  Remember, your Advisory class is listed on your schedule as ADV and “Homeroom.”
  2. For Help, go to GoogleMeet Code:  Hamilton.
  3. For lunch distribution information, please go to this website You can find all of the locations near us where DPS will be distributing breakfast and lunch food each day from 11-1pm.
  4. If you need technology, please call 720-460-1595. or email Carolyn_Leahy@dpsk12.org.

We will all work together to get our new school year started successfully.  Your learning is so important to your future and our world.  We are stronger together!  Please reach out to any school leaders or Hamilton team members for support.

Go Huskies!

Dr. Sawyer



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