Christian’s Corner – September 4, 2018

Christian’s Corner – September 4, 2018
September 3, 2018 Hamilton Huskies

Greetings Husky Families and Scholars,

It is with gratitude that I begin my opening letter of our Husky Herald, which I hope you enjoy reading every other week.  Today, I share gratitude with each of you and our entire team at Hamilton for all of the hard work everyone has put into opening our new school year with positive energy, high hopes for a great year, and relentless effort.

We opened our year with an intentional focus on setting the foundation for positive school culture and safety, essential ingredients for a good year.  Specifically, we have emphasized with our students “The Hamilton Way,” Hamilton’s expectations for safety in our hallways, lunchrooms, classrooms, and open spaces, including our aspirations and non-negotiables for student behavior.  As an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme candidate school, we are using the language of the IB Learner Profile, such as being “good communicators,” in all that we do.  In my non-negotiables with students, I expect students to follow staff instructions at all times; that headphones and cell phones are not to be seen or used on campus except at recess; that fighting, racism, bullying and discrimination will not be tolerated; and that conflict should be solved by talking with our staff to help students find peaceful means.  Academically, I reviewed my expectations that students remain on track with all As, Bs, and Cs; read for 2.5 hours at least every week at home; do not miss more than 3 days of school per semester, and work diligently on their National History Day Project this year. Please review these expectations with your scholars and help support our positive school culture.

I believe it is important for all middle school-age students to understand clear expectations and to feel safe on our campus, both physically and psychologically.  In my overview to students, I also introduced them to our full team of counselors, social workers, and staff here to support them.  Once students feel safe, their learning can sky-rocket!  On a final note, I want to welcome to our new team of Deans of School Culture and Restorative Practice Coordinators, all working in support of a positive, safe, and meaningful school community.  I hope you get to meet them at this week’s Back to School Night!

Go Huskies!
Christian Sawyer