Christian’s Corner: Summer Update

Christian’s Corner: Summer Update
July 8, 2020 Madeline Janicki

Hello Hamilton Families,

I hope my message finds you healthy and well. I want to provide you with some updates this week as we turn our attention to our new school year.

  1. I have been carefully following developments and communications from DPS on the re-opening plans. When I return to duty next week, I will be learning more from DPS about the specific plans and logistics. Throughout the week of July 20, all principals will be collaborating with DPS, health officials, and each other on learning more and designing our plans to support our students, teachers, and families, based on most updated information. I am ready to give my very best thinking to this critical work for Hamilton.
  2. As we learn more in late July from health leaders and DPS, we will announce a plan for students to obtain their needed belongings from their lockers.
  3. We are still planning on having our 6th grade Academy, for incoming 6th graders. More information will be shared in early August, based on new information we learn.
  4. I have had updates from the Hamilton renovation manager and team, and I’ve been told we are on schedule to welcome students back to a renovated campus! I am excited by this and can’t wait to see our Huskies learning in a newly renovated campus.

Finally, I have been working on a school mission that I think captures what we, at Hamilton, are all about. As you know, we gained official authorization as an International Baccalaureate School! With that in mind, I want to unveil the phrase— Hamilton Middle School: An International Baccalaureate School, committed to nurturing the Whole Child, EveryChild! I believe nurturing the whole child and growing every child’s unique brilliance and talents is the most important work we can do. I would love to know your thoughts on that in the coming weeks if you wish to share.

Just a note of updates. I will stay in close touch as I make progress in our planning later this summer.

Take care,