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We strive to ensure that parents, students, and community members are well informed and have the opportunity to have questions answered or become more engaged with Hamilton Middle School.

If there is specific information that you cannot find on our website, please feel free to call our main office so that we can put you in touch with the person who can answer your question.

The Hamilton main office is open Monday-Friday from 8:15am-4:15pm.

Last Name First Name Email Extension Role
KEEL RHONDA 7204239461 6th Dean of Students
PIPAL DAWN 7204239469 6th Individuals and Societies
MEYER LESLEY 7204239467 6th Individuals and Societies, Senior Team Lead
CIVIAN KATHERINE 7204239479 6th Language and Literature
GEZAW ZION 7204239471 6th Language and Literature
KILLMER JENNIFER 7204239453 6th Language and Literature
ARDELEAN MARINA 7204239473 6th Math
MANTELL MATTHEW 7204239466 6th Math
MCMAHON ELLIE 7204239470 6th Math
BRILLANTE RACHEL 7204239465 6th Science
MANNING KIM 7204239464 6th Science
MCDONALD-MORELAND PAT 7204239483 7th Dean of Students
ARZOLA SAGAN 7204239488 7th Individuals and Societies
HELLFRITZ ERIKA 7204239480 7th Individuals and Societies, AVID Coordinator
SATHER KATIE 7204239486 7th Language and Literature
WALTON EMILY 7204239478 7th Language and Literature
FARRELL CATHY 7204239490 7th Language and Literature, Senior Team Lead
LUTZ LISA 7204239482 7th Math
MCKENNA LOYEEN 7204239491 7th Math
STIEBEL CLEA 7204239462 7th Math
GASPERINI ALEX 7204239487 7th Science
BRUSHWAY STEPHANIE 7204239485 7th Science
POWELL MICHELLE 7204239521 8th Dean of Students
DOYLE ELIZABETH 7204239498 8th Individuals and Societies
COLBERT (Ward) EMILY 7204239481 8th Individuals and Societies, AVID
HOUGH ANNA 7204239522 8th Language and Literature
LUND ERIC 7204239497 8th Language and Literature
SANDFORT KATHARINE 7204239440 8th Language and Literature
CARLSON MICHAEL 7204239495 8th Math
LAWHON OLIVIA 7204239548 8th Math
WATSON JILLIAN 7204239490 8th Math, Senior Team Lead
PIKE RICK 7204239489 8th Science
SCHWEITZER JESSE 7204239493 8th Science
SHEARER AMBER 7204239476 Assistant Principal
VICTOR GWEN 7204239508 Assistant Principal
YACOVETTA JULIA 7204239504 Attendance Secretary
LEAHY CAROLYN 7204239475 Community Liaison
OBERMEYER JUSTIN 7204239448 Counselor
ORTIZ THALIA 7204239507 Counselor
MELO JOHANNA 7204239542 English Language Development
MOLLMAN JOEL 7204239536 English Language Development
THROCKMORTON PATRICIA 7204239477 English Language Development
METZ JUDITH 7204239499 Gifted and Talented Coordinator
HANISZEWSKI EILEEN 7204239555 IB Coordinator
FLIPSE SARA 7204239524 Librarian
TUGGLE ANNA 7204239472 Math Fellow Director
PETERS CORTNEY 7204239509 Nurse
GOLDBERG JULIE 7204239499 Prevention Specialist
SAWYER CHRISTIAN 7204239502 Principal
Hudson-Railia JACQUE 7204239501 Principal’s Secretary
BLACKMON ESTHER 7204239505 Registrar
EVERETT STORMYE 7204239544 Restorative Justice Coordinator
FUSSNER TRISTA 7204239529 Science- Design/STEM
GOMEZ MARTHA 7204239492 Senior Team Lead English Language Development
MUND ALICIA 7204239545 Senior Team Lead Special Education
CASANAVE-PEREZ GLORIA 7204239547 Social Worker
CRESPIN VINCE 7204239513 Social Worker
TORREZ-FLUENT AUDREY 7204239511 Social Worker
GARCIA ELIZABETH 7204239543 Special Education
VISINITINE LAURA 7204239468 Special Education
PIEHL KATIE 7204239516 Special Education
AUBERT KATHLEEN 7204239550 Speech Pathologist
HAMITOUCHE WASSILA 7204239512 Treasurer
SHAW PRISCILLA 7204239546 UA- Band
NYHUS NANCY 7204239544 UA- Drama
SABA ALEX 7204239559 UA- Exploratory Arts, Senior Team Lead
O’NEIL MARK mark_o’ 7204239526 UA- Language Acquisition – French
JENKINS BRIAN 7204239528 UA- Language Acquisition – Spanish
JONES MICHELLE 7204239525 UA- Visual Arts
CASTILLO SAVANNAH 7204239533 UA-Physical and Health Education
ELMORE VICTORIA 7204239538 UA-Physical and Health Education