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Enroll at Hamilton – Hamilton

Enroll at Hamilton

Hamilton Middle School participates in the Denver Public Schools’ SchoolChoice Enrollment process.  Hamilton supports the district’s goal to offer a wide variety of schools to families so that each student may find a home at a school best suited to their needs and academic goals.

If you would like to attend Hamilton, please see the enrollment scenarios below to receive the information most applicable to you.

  1. *I have a current 5th-grade student who would like to attend Hamilton for the 2018-2019 School year. – This is part of 1st round SchoolChoice for the coming school year.  The 2018-2019 choice window will be Feb. 1-28, 2018.  First round choice can be completed on-line in the Parent Portal. Paper forms are available at any DPS school, or from the Central DPS office. Forms can be submitted at any DPS building.
  2. I currently attend a school WITHIN Denver Public Schools and would like to transfer to Hamilton during the school year. This transfer is called an Administrative Transfer, and will begin at the school you are coming from.  Both Administration teams will discuss this transfer and find the best solution for the student involved.
  3. I recently moved to the Hamilton neighborhood boundary and would like to enroll at Hamilton for the 2017-18 school year. – Visit Hamilton Middle School to register.  You will need to provide a birth certificate, proof of address, immunization records.
  4. I am looking for my student to attend Hamilton Middle School for the next school year and 1st round choice has closed. This will become a part of 2nd Round Choice, which will begin in mid April and run through the end of August. Forms are available in the main office at Hamilton, and will need to be filled out and returned to Hamilton Middle School.

* If you would like to enroll at Hamilton during 1st round SchoolChoice, please select Hamilton as your number one choice on the form. Be sure to return paper forms to Hamilton Middle School, Denver Public Schools Central Office or the Office of Choice and Enrollment Services by the due date.

For more information:

Visit the Denver Public Schools Office of Choice & Enrollment Services schoolchoice.dpsk12.org

Key Contacts for Enrollment Questions:

  • Hamilton Middle School Registrar: Ms. Esther Blackmon:  esther_blackmon@dpsk12.org or (720) 423-9500
  • Hamilton Middle School Family & Community Liaison: Ms. Carolyn Leahy: carolyn_leahy@dpsk12.org or (720) 423-9475
  • Office of School Choice & Enrollment Services, Butler Building at North High School (located NW of main building) 3131 Eliot St., Denver, CO 80211: schoolchoice@dpsk12.org or 720-423-3493, option 1
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