Your Middle School Student

Middle School (10-14 years) Early Adolescence

From DPS’ Parent Guide

The period from preadolescence to early adolescence is so turbulent.  Children are experiencing rapid physical, emotional, and social development.  it is often confusing, sometimes frightening and rarely easy.  Parental support is increasingly important during this period and into young adulthood.  During this time, you can expect:

  • Children are becoming very aware of how they are perceived within their social network.
  • Physical changes are increasingly evident as they mature from a child to a young adult.
  • the management of these physical changes, as well as the accompanying hormonal changes, lead to a need for more than eight hours sleep and more than average amounts of exercise and fresh air.
  • Young adults begin to demonstrate more common sense in their thinking apply principles of formal logic to their world.  They begin to see and identify hyprocisy:  the difference between what parnts say and what they do.
  • They begin to demand authenticity from the adult world and quickly identify those that are not supporters



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