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Our Mission: Hamilton Middle School is a diverse community that accepts nothing less than excellence. We recognize every student’s right and ability to achieve greatness in academics, arts, and athletics through perseverance, teamwork, and creativity.

Denver’s AAA School: Excellence in Academics, Arts, and Athletics

Contact Information

Hamilton Middle School

8600 E. Dartmouth Avenue

Denver, CO 80231

Phone: 720-423-9500

Fax: 720-423-9445



Welcome to Hamilton!

Hamilton Middle School is proud to have earned recognition as a Top Performing High Status School.

We believe our student’s success is based on our identity as Denver’s AAA school, emphasizing excellence in Academics, the Arts, and Athletics. On Hamilton’s spacious campus in southeast Denver, our students strive, create, and learn.

Support for Hamilton students comes from a dedicated, highly skilled faculty, a professional and caring staff, and top tier administrative talent. We are also grateful to the parents and community of southeast Denver for the generous support of funds, talent, and time that is donated on a regular basis.

It all adds up to a rock-solid foundation for Hamilton students as they grow towards success in high school, college, and the world beyond.