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Elective Courses – Hamilton

Elective Courses


Students at Hamilton Middle School have a rich variety of electives and 5th core selections from which to choose.

World Language               Robotics                         Film/Videography               PE                            Dance

Band                                  Orchestra                       Vocal Music                          Visual Arts            Journalism

Drama                               Food & Cooking             Gifted & Talented               AVID


Courses being considered for the 2016-17 school year (you’ll be able to indicate your interest in these courses on the electives survey):

  • Computer Coding (6th & 7th grade)
  • Web Design (7th grade)
  • Aviation (8th grade) prerequisite: good math skills
  • T.V. Production (8th grade – year long course)


A few tips for filling out the survey:

1. You must login to your DPS google account BEFORE you take the electives survey.

2. Presume that you will get 2 of your top 3 choices for semester 1 and choose a different set for semester 2.

3. Don’t choose electives just to be with your friends; you won’t be able to change them simply because you don’t like them. . .the classes, not your friends!

All 5th Core classes

& the following electives are YEAR-LONG:




TV Production

Current Hamilton students should complete their surveys by Tuesday, May 24 (this is a change from the date in the video).

Current students click here for electives survey.

(you will be required to login with your DPS google info.)

Prospective Hamilton students click here for electives survey.

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