Remote Learning: Overview & Information

Morning Meeting: Friday, May 29

Grading During Remote Learning

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Husky Fridays: Virtual Clubs & Meet-Ups

You can find the schedule of clubs and how to RSVP here or download it here

Remote Learning Information & Quick Links


Remote Learning Plan: Overview

  • Each morning begins with a Morning Meeting at 9am with the Principals.  In these sessions, we will give you important information for your day of learning, share our morning routines of a morning song, history fact of the day, review announcements, practice wellness and self-care, and have fun.
  • Each week, your teachers will load your lessons on their Schoology pages and students are expected to complete your assignments by Friday. You are given flexibility on the times you work on your learning each day, though we have a suggested schedule.
  • Teachers have Live Office Support Office Hours throughout week to support students and teach you live.
  • Fridays are “Husky Days,” when student activities and social groups will occur. 
  • School counselors, social workers, Deans, and our nurse are all available with office hours and for private sessions with students. 
  • Your attendance and daily learning is expected.  We have supports for students and families experiencing challenges.

Student Expectations

Expectations for students:   It is important that you engage and keep learning every school day.  In addition to your learning, your well-being and relationships with your teachers and classmates also matters to Hamilton.  When we start back on Tuesday, April 7, all students are expected to:


 (1) Complete your lessons and assignments:  Your teachers will post your weekly lessons and assignments on each of your class Schoology Pages.  You are expected to check for your assignments on Monday of each week and sign into your teacher’s Schoology page.  You need to complete and submit each of your assignments by the deadline given to you.

(2) Go to your teachers’ Office Support Hours:   Each of your teachers will host live “office support hours” for you.  In these, you will get to work with your teachers, ask questions about your lessons and assignments, and collaborate with your classmates.  You are expected to go to each of your teacher’s live “office support hours” each day and sign in. Here is a document giving you all you need to know about your teachers’ Live Office Support Hours.

(3) Do your Hamily Reads reading every day:  You are expected to complete at least 30-minute of Hamily Reads, independent reading, each day by using OverDrive.  Your Hamily Reads teachers will be in touch with you about how they will be keeping track of your reading.

(4) Set your schedule for each day:   Because we know your families have different daily obligations right now, you get to set your own learning schedule.  However, we have created a suggested daily schedule for you, and if you can, it is highly recommend you use that. We know that setting your daily schedule is important, so write it out and stick to it. Here is a document with your suggested daily schedule.

(5) Attendance:  You are expected to be learning each day, working on your assignments and completing them by the deadlines, and attending your teachers’ Office Support Hours. Hamilton will be reviewing your daily attendance by checking that you are signing into your classes.

Scholars will fill out a google form for each class each day by 3PM.

❖  Monday and Tuesday: Green Day Classes

❖  Wednesday and Thursday: Purple Day Classes

❖  Friday: Hamily Reads

The Google form will be linked at the top of each Schoology Course Page.  If you cannot do your learning because you are sick or have a family emergency, it is expected that your family calls Hamilton’s attendance line at (720) 423-9500 to excuse you from learning that day.  Hamilton will be calling families to check in and support if we notice that you are not doing your remote learning each day.   It’s so important you learn each day!

Student Expectations

Suggested Learning Schedule

Hello, Huskies! 

We welcome you back to Hamilton Middle School this April for Remote Learning! We hope you had an enjoyable Spring Break and found time to rest and renew. We also know that the transition back to school in an online-platform might take some learning time for everyone, and that’s totally O.K – we are in this together, as a HAMILY! Here are some tips to help you navigate remote learning at Hamilton 🙂

Hamilton Students: Your Daily Schedule 

  • Lots of research has shown how important it is for students to find a schedule and routine, and that this routine really helps in times of change. 
  • We know that each family has a different schedule based on their own family priorities, and that you may already have a schedule for learning in place – that’s great! 
  • If you’re looking for a schedule suggestion, we have a few schedules built that might work for you and your family… and feel free to adapt them for your needs! 

It is important to know that EVERY DAY, MONDAY – THURSDAY, from 10 AM – 12 PM and from 3 PM – 4 PM Hamilton teachers will hold OFFICE HOURS (Help Desk). These times DO NOT change and should be factored into whatever schedule you choose to build with your family!

Q: I am a STUDENT: What might my DAILY schedule look like? 

A: Glad you asked! Below you will find TWO (2) suggestions for your daily schedule: We encourage you to use these schedules as a guide-line and, if these don’t work for you, build your own with your family! Keep reading to see two different schedule choices! Watch a video to learn more! HUSKY DAYS are your FRIDAY Free-Day sessions: Watch this video to learn more about Husky Days1

April 6 - April 10

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 11.06.19 AM

Sample Schedules

We have two different suggested student schedules that you can find here. 


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