Overview & Information

Friday Morning Meeting

Start the Day

  • Watch the Morning Meeting from 8:30-9 am
  • Check your email for information from your Advisor on your first day
  • Go to Advisory Class at 9 am
    • Typing into GoogleMeets: Hamilton[Your Advisor’s Last Name]
    • For example, if your Advisor is Dr. Sawyer you would enter “HamiltonSawyer”
  • Go over your schedule for the day with your Advisor
  • Attend your classes (your advisor will help you)
  • Reading on your own 3:15-3:45 pm

You can find the daily schedule for remote learning here.


Update On Return to School

First, I want to celebrate some great work in our community.   As a positive highlight of our brilliant students and educators, have you gotten to see the Advisory program we have launched?  I am deeply proud of our school counselors and teachers, who have collaborated to build out such a supportive start to each morning, embodying our “whole child, every child” vision!  Check out our website for a weekly review of our Advisory lessons!  I believe that middle schoolers must have social-emotional support and space in order to grow academically.  Our Advisory program is part of the reason we have seen an INCREASE in our attendance and academic growth!  For example, I reviewed our 6th graders’ Math Interim Test results today.  They are some of the highest scores Hamilton has seen in years!   Let’s keep up our growth, Huskies!

(1) Please join me for a TownHall meeting Wednesday, October 7, at 5pm.  Join information will be on our website next week.  In next week’s TownHall, my school leadership team and I will review more information on our plans for Quarter 2.   We will also share with you a spreadsheet listing your student’s cohort and return information.  A few highlights:

  • We have a full health & safety plan we will strictly following, including mandatory masks for ALL; social distancing; and health screenings for all students and adults, every day.
  • Our students will move into their Quarter 2 classes, as planned.
    • I will review the daily learning schedule thoroughly on Wednesday.
    • Students will remain with their cohorts.  These relationships matter, and cohorts have been designed meaningfully. We believe it is critical to keep our students together.  As such, in Quarter 2, our students will progress in our curriculum and planned scope and sequence, as we must maintain and accelerate our academic momentum– in their cohorts.
    • All students will connect with their classes every day, whether in-person or through virtual connection.  We will use Live-Streaming methods in many classrooms for enhanced connection.  In-person instruction will utilize other learning enhancements and social-emotional benefits.
    • Students who opted for in-person learning will do so on a hybrid schedule, assigned to certain full-days per week to be in-person and other days to be virtual.  We will announce that Wednesday.
    • Students who opted for virtual-only learning will remain virtual-only, but they will connect with their teachers each day.
    • We must all understand that learning and teaching must look different than prior to the pandemic.  In-person learning must adhere to safety-guardrails, and teachers will be supporting both in-person and virtual students.  A limited number of our teachers must also be virtual-only, in which case additional educators will be in the classroom space to support students as they connect with their virtual teacher. We will have special cameras and audio systems to support these situations.  There is so much hard work and creativity to make this meaningful and the best possible for ALL of our students!
    • My leadership team and I will carefully study our progress and make necessary and continuous improvements as we move forward.
    • Guiding videos and supports will be shared with students and families before October 21 to help all of us understand and success in the transition.
  • Transportation cannot be provided to our students, except for students with mandatory transportation as part of their special education IEP.
  • School Hours will be 9-3:15pm.  We must dismiss at 3:15pm each day due to mandatory staff planning times and preparation steps needed.
  • Quarter 2 begins on October 21.  However, in-person students will be assigned shorter days during that week for Orientation.
    • Students who chose in-person/hybrid for Quarter 2 ONLY physically come to school for their orientation time that week.  This will allow for deep support of smaller groups, as we welcome our students back to school and train them on safety procedures.
    • Wednesday October 21:

      • 9-11:15am:   6th Grade Group A
      • 1-3:15pm:   6th Grade Group B
      • All other students are virtual-learning
    • Thursday, October 22:
      • 9-11:15am:   7th Grade Group A
      • 1-3:15pm:   7th Grade Group B
      • All other students are virtual-learning
    • Friday, October 23:
      • 9-11:15:   8th Grade Group A
      • 1-3:15pm:   8th Grade Group B
      • All other students are virtual-learning

(2) Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday, October 8, 5-7:30pm:   We expanded conferences to be 4-times this year.   We will have our first round this Thursday evening, which will all be focused on our Advisory Program.  In this first round, our Advisors will be touching base with their Advisory students and families, to reflect on Quarter 1 and set goals for Quarter 2.    Our conferences this Thursday will all be telephone-based.   This will allow more access and use of interpretation. Some students may be given email feedback.   Other teachers, such as Unified Arts, World Language, Social Workers, and Counselors, may also be reaching out.  Further, families can always directly reach out to any of your student’s teachers for course-specific collaboration and support.

  • Please note that due to our schedule and the Quarter 2 health guardrails that we must follow, all students will get new Advisors in Quarter 2.  However, don’t worry, your Quarter 1 advisors come back in Quarter 3, as you will return to this group of teachers in Quarter 3.   Also, all students can visit with your current Advisors through Office Hours anytime throughout the year! 

I hope my update gives you more information as we keep moving forward together as a community. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any school leader with questions.  You can also contact our Community Liaison, Carolyn Leahy, for support anytime!  Hope to “see” you on Wednesday evening for our TownHall.

Go Huskies!


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