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Faculty & Staff Directory – Hamilton

Faculty & Staff Directory

The best way to contact your child’s teacher is via email.

Please contact your Family & Community Liaison Carolyn Leahy with questions carolyn_leahy@dpsk12.org.pj daymix and match

Leadership Team

Dr. Christian Sawyer Principal Christian_Sawyer@dpsk12.org 720-423-9501
Gwen Victor Asst. Principal of School Culture Gwendolyn_Victor@dpsk12.org 720-423-9521
Whitney Weathers Asst. Principal of Teaching and Learning Whitney_Weathers@dpsk12.org 720-423-9496
Amber Shearer Dean of School Culture Amber_Shearer@dpsk12.org 720-423-9544
Leticia Raymond IB Coordinator Leticia_Raymond@dpsk12.org 720-423-9508
Patricia Morland 6th Grade Scholar Advisor Patricia_Mcdonald-Morland@dpsk12.org 720-423-9461
Michelle Hill 7th Grade Scholar Advisor Michelle_Hill@dpsk12.org 720-423-9483
Laura Visintine 8th Grade Scholar Advisor Laura_Visintine@dpsk12.org 720-423-9455

Office Staff

Julia Yacovetta Attendance Julia_Yacovetta@dpsk12.org 720-423-9504
Jacque Hudson-Raila Secretary to the Principal Jacquelyn_Hudson-Raila@dpsk12.org 720-423-9501
Esther Blackmon Registrar Esther_Blackmon@dpsk12.org 720-423-9505
Wasilla Hamitouche Secretary Wasilla_Hamitouche@dpsk12.org 720-423-9512

Whole Child Team

Jo Fontana Nurse Jo_Fontana@dpsk12.org 720-423-9509
Audrey Torrez-Fluent Social Worker Audrey_Torrez-Fluent@dpsk12.org 720-423-9511
Vincent Crespin Social Worker Vincent_Crespin@dpsk12.org 720-423-9513
Justin Obermeyer School Counselor A-K Justin_Obermeyer@dpsk12.org 720-423-9448
Jason Nungaray School Counselor L-Z Jason_Nungaray@dpsk12.org 720-423-9507
Dr. Gloria Casanave Perez School Psychologist Gloria_Casanaveperez@dpsk12.org 720-423-9555
Lauren Dodge Prevention Specialist Lauren_Dodge@dpsk12.org 720-423-9499

Support Staff

Carolyn Leahy Family & Community Liaison Carolyn_Leahy@dpsk12.org 720-423-9475
Lucas Mund Technology Integration Leader Lucas_Mund@dpsk12.org
Courtney Holmes Assessment Coordinator (SAL) Courtney_Holmes@dpsk12.org 720-423-9468
Balyn Bates School Technology Resource Balyn_Bates@dpsk12.org 720-423-9459
Darius Reed Head of Security Darius_Reed@dpsk12.org 720-423-9510
Shaun Brigham Security Shauntavia_Brigham@dpsk12.org 720-423-9510
Rob Bridgford Facilities Manager Robby_Bridgford@dpsk12.org 720-423-9457
Reggie Hammons Asst. Facilities Manager Reginald_Hammons2@dpsk12.org
Kyong Bennett Food Service Manager Kyong_Bennett@dpsk12.org 720-423-9454

Special Education

Kristin Kindred SPED Teacher-Leader Kristin_Kindred@dpsk12.org 720-423-9545
Judith Metz Gifted & Talented Judith_Metz@dpsk12.org 720-423-9547
Heather Farrell MI Center Heather_Farrell@dpsk12.org 720-423-9543
Kenny Leverock AN Center Kenneth_Leverock@dpsk12.org 720-423-9492
Betty Garcia Special Education Elizabeth_Garcia2@dpsk12.org 720-423-9484
Jeanne Pegrum Special Education Jeanne_Pegrum@dpsk12.org 720-423-9440
Rhonda Keel Special Education Rhona_Keel@dpsk12.org 720-423-9476
Latisha Galloway Special Education Latisha_Galloway@dpsk12.org 720-423-9515
Kathleen Aubert Speech Language Pathologist Kathleen_Aubert2@dpsk12.org 720-423-9550
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