Mathematics Placement Test

6th Grade Placement Test

In response to school’s request for guidance around advancing incoming sixth graders into seventh grade math, ARE and Curriculum and Instruction have collaborated to create an assessment that can be used to determine student placement in mathematics. This assessment will provide evidence of student proficiency with the sixth grade mathematics standards and should only be administered to fifth grade students who have completed a full year of sixth grade mathematics prior to entering sixth grade.


8th Grade Placement Test

To ensure that all eighth-grade students who are proficient in the Algebra 1 standards are placed in a geometry course in ninth grade, ARE and Curriculum and Instruction have collaborated to create an assessment to be used to determine incoming ninth grade students’ placement in high school mathematics. All eighth-grade students who have completed all units of eighth grade mathematics, including a unit on quadratic equations and a unit on functions, should be administered the test to determine mathematics placement in ninth grade. Placement results will be entered into Infinite Campus by the eighth-grade math teacher so that high school counselors have access to the information for scheduling purposes.

Because the assessment will reflect student learning of all Algebra 1 standards, it should be administered after the middle of May.

This assessment will take the place of any placement assessments that students have typically been asked to take prior to, at high school registration, or during the first days of high school.