Updated CMAS Testing Schedule

Updated CMAS Testing Schedule
March 5, 2020 Madeline Janicki

Hello, Hamilton Families,

I want to update you on our upcoming CMAS achievement testing schedule.  As you may have heard, school has been cancelled on Thursday, March 19th, as it is an educator-action day.  With this change, we need to start our CMAS English Language Arts testing to Monday, March 16th.  continuing

Below is the complete CMAS achievement testing schedule:

  • English Language Arts Assessment (for all grades): March 16 – March 18
  • Math Assessment (for all grades): March 24 – March 26
  • Make Up Assessments for English Language Arts and/or Math: April 7 – April 10
  • Social Studies Assessments (grade 7 ONLY): April 14 – April 16
  • Science Assessment (grade 8 ONLY): April 14 – April 16
  • Make Up Assessments: April 20 – April 23

The CMAS assessment allows us to measure our students’ progress in the academic standards and impacts our school’s State report card. We are working hard at Hamilton to keep our academic focus strong as we finish our preparations and also build up our students’ self-confidence as they approach testing.  Please help reinforce the importance of your student’s academics and self-confidence at this important time.  Also, please join us March 11-12, from 4:30-7:30pm, for Family-Teacher Spring conferences, an important time for students and families to review academic progress in all classes with their teachers, set goals for improvement, and celebrate progress made.

Go Huskies!