Virtual Events & Meetings

Multicultural Celebration

Welcome to Hamilton Middle School’s virtual Multicultural Celebration! After you watch the video don’t forget to download the cookbook!

If you would like to submit a recipe for the cookbook, click here.

Download Hamilton’s Multicultural Cookbook Here! 

8th Grade Continuation Watch Party

Husky Fridays: Virtual Clubs & Meet-Ups

Details & Important Information

The Deets: Hi there, Huskies! Fridays are for Hamily Reads, AR Quizzes and FUN! We want you to connect with your teachers, your classmates and your community in a safe, online environment. Use this chart below to find a club, gathering or meet-up that fits your style, your energy, and your interests! You can join lots of clubs if you like – there’s no limit!

Important note: The ONLY WAY for you to get the code to the Google Meet-Up / Hangout / Club Session is by sending an email to the teacher or club leader (see their emails, below!) Once you have emailed the teacher, you will be on the RSVP list and then given the Google Meet Nickname for your meeting! See you there, Huskies! PS. Here’s the Link to Time Schedule Layout, so you can organize clubs by TIME!

Club Information

View a PDF of Virtual Clubs & Meet-Ups here.

Meet-Up/Club Name and Description

Meeting Time on Friday

Teacher Host(s)

Email for RSVP Code

The Green Hour Club:

A club for talking about and exploring gardening, plants, trees, and the environment! We will learn about the natural world and spend time in the great green world


Ms. Saba

BSA – Black Student Alliance:

Black Student Alliance is an organization that serves as an advocate for the underrepresented and underserved voices in a school or college setting. This is a club for any scholar who is on track, in any grade.


Ms.Keel; Ms.



Free Draw Friday:

Come join us as we hang out and draw to our “arts” content! Mrs. Jones will be taking suggestions for content or theme of the day and drawing live for you to follow along if you’d like to spectate. Participants in Free Draw Friday can draw anything they like, and will get to share their art with the group at the end of each session.


Mrs. Jones

Bob Ross Paint-Along:

We will follow a Bob Ross drawing or painting tutorial. Colors (for crayons, markers, coloured pencils or paint, if you have it) will be posted by Thursday for Friday’s Paint-Along. You can paint on canvas, on paper, whatever you have!


Ms. Saba

OR email her on SCHOOLOGY!

Drama Club

We are going to see what kind of improvisation games transfer onto the Meet screen, and I will have folks help me record readings of scripts for my classes.


Ms. Nyhus

Virtual Friday Field Trip

Let’s explore the world together! Our first stop will be the San Diego Zoo! Join me on Fridays as we check out art museums, zoos,aquariums, National Parks, and so much more!




Mrs. Shearer

Tech Club

We will be virtually exploring various technologies in a google meet format. This first week we will be looking at MIT App Inventor, an online app creator system. Join us and learn how to make tech work for you! (Android based phones are necessary to test this particular app system)



Movie Club:

Students join together and watch films with their teachers and have discussions about the meanings and impacts from the film as it relates to their lives.

3:00 -4:30pm

Ms. G, Ms. Murphy, & Ms. Killmer

Love-Peace-Diversity Club (GSA)

LGBTQ+ and allied youth unite to build community and organize around issues impacting them in our school and community.


Flipse, Peters, Mollman

Please e-mail one of these staff members or call: 720.891.0071

Cooking club:

Follow along with your teachers as they create a delish dish!

11:00 AM -12:00 PM

Manning and


Wellness club

We will be doing things to make sure we are well! Some at-home (easy) workouts, some simple healthy recipes, and other ways we can make sure we are taking care of our bodies.


Sather, Gasperini or on schoology!

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Join your peers in a fantasy “tabletop” role playing game! Interest survey here -> SURVEY

Times Vary. Look for notes from Ms.Brillante

Ms. Brillante

Complete the interest survey and Ms. B. will reach out to you!.

La Fuerza Latina Club “Chicas Latinas”

Club of latina girls who love their heritage and meet to share fun experiences. Now in Remote Mode, we will be talking about self-care, music, books, movies and things that are relevant to latinas in the US.

Viernes 3:00 p.m.

Ms. Melo

Info for members in Schoology


Want to write a book or novel?

Dr. Sawyer followed his dream and wrote several books. He wants to help all Huskies who want to write a book or comic series think about writing a book or Netflix Series.


Dr. Sawyer

Message (send an email) Dr. Sawyer in Schoology for the Hangoutcode!

Raise the Woof

Calling all animal lovers and current/aspiring pet owners! Let’s have a space to show off our pets, share funny animal stories, and connect with each other through our shared love of non-human companions.





Click here to complete interest survey

Korean Club

Learn to speak and write Korean, talk about K-Pop, learn Korean recipes!



Pump Up The Jams

Do you love, like or maybe even sorta enjoy music? Then come join Ms. O’Brien and Ms. Parker and listen to and share some of our favorite, fun jams! Maybe even bust a move or two.




madison_o’ or OR

message us on Schoology

YMOP (Young Men of Purpose):

A motivational and empowering group for young men at Hamilton. Leader of the group is Mr. Rico Wint.


Rico Wint