Husky School Clubs for 2021-22

Posted September 7, 2021

Math ClubMr. Feltham
Love Peace Diversity (LPD) ClubMs. Flipse
La Fuerza Latina Girls ClubMrs. Melo
Dance ClubMrs. Castillo
Magic The Gathering Game ClubMrs. AD
Social Justice Movie ClubMs. G
The Art Factory ClubMrs. Sheikhan
Drama ClubMs. Nyhus
Book ClubMrs. Brushway
Calming ClubMs. Sather
Woman Up ClubMs. Murphy
Board Game ClubMs. Stefanacci
Basketball ClubMr. Thompson/ Mr. Bruen
Music ClubMs. Shaw
Paws4Life ClubMs. Doyle
Disney+ & Marvel Movie ClubMrs. McKenna/Mrs. Lohr
Travel ClubMrs. Ardelean
All About Disney ClubMrs. Mund
Coding ClubMs. Ariza
Cosmos ClubMrs. Manning
Loraxians ClubMr. Kazemi
Chess ClubMr. Mantell
Community Clean-Up ClubMs. Amorestrell
Soccer ClubMr. Armijo
Card Gamer ClubMr. Gile
Spanish Book/Movie ClubSra. Cabarcas
Creative Writing ClubMs. Walton
Fantasy/Sci-Fi Book ClubMr. Keller
Sprance Amigos ClubMrs. Mariani
Knitting ClubMrs. Throckmorton
Dungeons and Dragons ClubMs. Hersman
Avatar The Last Airbender ClubMs. Parker
The LeftOvers ClubMrs. Padgett
Walking ClubMs. Cotter