Virtual Lessons & Enrichment

This is an example of a virtual learning lesson for parents to view!

Follow along with the video to see what lessons look like for your student! If you have trouble with accessing the lesson in Pear Deck, don’t worry! The lesson has simply expired, but you still can follow along with the video and read the article below!

The article for this lesson is from Newsela. Newsela makes resources accessible to all reading levels. The article for this lesson can be accessed at a 3rd, 5th, 7th, or 9th grade reading level.

Take a Virtual Trip!

Are you curious about what Van Gogh’s Starry Night looks like up close? Or the difference between modern and contemporary art? Would you like to wander round a museum halfway across the world.

With Google Arts & Culture you can visit top exhibits, zoom in on artworks in mind-blowing detail and browse thousands of stories, photos, videos, and manuscripts. Be your own curator by finding your favorites, creating your own collections and sharing them with friends. Travel anywhere with tours of iconic sites, famous buildings and natural wonders, on your screen or in VR. Learn something new everyday.

Checkout Google Arts and Culture

Visit Colorado’s History Museum to find out more about our heritage. PIck one field trip to learn more about how people settled Colorado.

Accelerated Reading & Independent Reading

Accelerated Reader

Do you need to know if the book you are reading is on AR? Want to find out how many points it is? How about the grade level or your book? Check out AR Bookfinder site.

Book Resources

DPS Library Link Lion Library, use your lunch id to sign in.

Need an Audiobook? Check out this excellent site. English Language Learners can also find material to help practice reading skills.


Free Ebooks from Project Gutenberg—This site has classic books from all ages and for all ages.

Book List

Check out the book list for AP literature –a 10 th grade high school class which carries college credit. Have your parents help you pick out books to build your literary background knowledge. 

The AP Lit list

Check out a “Good Read’s” list for teens.