Hamilton event information.

  • Team member of the month.

    Congratulations to Ben Eisen.
  • David Bruton visits Hamilton.

    David Bruton visits Hamilton middle school.
  • Hamily reads wins championship.

    Hamily reads.
  • Hamilton gets 72 new chrome books

    Chromebook fundraising,

Hamilton middle school

Hamilton Middle School participates in the Denver Public Schools’ SchoolChoice Enrollment process. Hamilton supports the district’s goal to offer a wide variety of schools to families so that each student may find a home at a school best suited to their needs and academic goals. We work closely with the Office of Choice and Enrollment Services (OCES) to coordinate all activities associated with matching students with George Washington.

The Hamilton Middle School Community

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Hamilton continuation

2016-2017 Continuation.

Principal Coffee Morning.

Join Dr. Christian Sawyer for coffee.

Fighting against bulling.

Bulling free zone.

Welcome to Hamilton Middle School!

Hamilton School BannerExcellence in Academics

Hamilton students and their parents may choose from two first-rate academic programs plus a menu of academic enhancement classes and extra curricular activities: Academic Programs and Enhancements PEAK
Denver sits up and takes notice when students at Hamilton Middle School exhibit their creativity. From stunning visual arts to outstanding dramatic performances to our award-winning music program, Huskies find
At Hamilton, we understand how important physical activity is for healthy bodies, hearts, and minds. We encourage all students to be involved in athletics in some way. Whether it is through physical education

Hamilton Middle School encourages students to grow and achieve Excellence in academics, Arts and Athletics.

Our Mission: Hamilton Middle School is a diverse community that accepts nothing less than excellence. We recognize every student’s right and ability to achieve greatness in academics, arts, and athletics through perseverance, teamwork, and creativity.

We offer two academic programs for students to focus their learning, grow as individuals and excel in their communities and the world. Each program advances students beyond their current levels of understanding to prepare them for a variety of opportunities awaiting them in high school, college, career, and beyond.

Our International Preparatory Magnet (IPM) program expands students’ current scope of knowledge through global perspectives, preparing them for the rigors and acceleration of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program or any challenging high school. The Platform for Excellence in Academic Knowledge or PEAK program creates a foundation for students to master the content and skills needed to meet and exceed grade-level requirements. In building a platform for essential skills and knowledge, students are prepared to attain higher levels of success in high school and the colleges of the 21st century.