English Language Acquisition Parent Advisory Committee

What is ELA-PAC?

ELA-PAC is the organization in charge of communication between parents and the school regarding English Language Acquisition programming (ELA). All ELA Program schools must have an ELA-PAC, according to a court-ordered consent decree.

There is also a district-level committee for communication about ELA (called the ELA District Advisory Committee, or ELA-DAC). ELA-DAC meets at the Superintendent Parent’s Forum. For more information about these events or to register visit the DPS Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE).

What are the Responsibilities of ELA-PACS?

The legally-mandated responsibilities of ELA-PACs are to:

To join ELA-PAC contact yuly_melo-Laffey@dpsk12.org

ELA- PAC Meetings

October Meeting

Our first ELA-PAC meeting is a video. With this video, we have also created a survey (Google Form) for you to fill out. This survey counts as your attendance and also as feedback for our MLE department. Please complete the survey below after watching the video.