School-Wide Procedures & Regulations

General Information 

Main Office: 720-423-9500
Attendance Office: 720-423-9517
Fax: 720-423-9445
DPS Bus Transportation: 303-423-4699
DPS Main Telephone: 720-423-3200
DPS Webpage

Privacy Practice

Hamilton Middle School refuses requests from businesses and merchants who want to contact our families. We ask for your cooperation in safeguarding family and staff information from unauthorized use.

Adults on Campus

Your child’s safety is our top priority. During school hours, all visitors, including DPS employees who are entering the building must enter through the main doors, present a state or government-issued ID, be checked in by the Raptor Visitor Management System, and be given a visitor’s badge. The badge serves as a visual ID that allows staff to immediately determine if a visitor has permission to be on campus. When leaving the building, all adult visitors must also check out with the main office and turn in their visitor badge.

If you need to pick your student up from school, please ring the doorbell, inform the office staff who you are, that you are picking up your student, and kindly wait outside for your child to be dismissed from school.

Mission Statement

Hamilton is proud to be an officially authorized International Baccalaureate World School!  Our school identity is grounded in serving the “Whole Child, Every Child!” 

Vision Statement

Hamilton Middle School fosters lifelong global learners, through the nurturing of a compassionate and intercultural community that leads change toward a more peaceful world. As international educators, we promote balanced academic, physical, artistic, and emotional development for all students.

Students at Hamilton explore multiple disciplines and demonstrate understanding through inquiry and rigorous assessment. Our students are empathetic towards people and their beliefs and utilize diverse intellectual, linguistic, and cultural perspectives to inform their lens.

We challenge learners and inspire globally-minded scholars to become lifelong, enduring learners, servant leaders, and critical thinkers.

Administrative Staff

Principal: Fernanda
6th-Grade Admin Team
6th Grade Assistant Principal: Christine Manzanares
6th Grade Dean of Culture: Gloria Sanchez
7th-Grade Admin Team
7th Grade Assistant Principal: Sherri Winger
7th Grade Dean of Culture: Ike Ogbuike
8th-Grade Admin Team 
8th Grade Assistant Principal: Rachel Jacobs
8th Grade Dean of Culture: Katrina Craig

Faculty Contact Information

Please view the HMS staff roster and contact information at

Family as Partners

Parents and guardians of Hamilton Middle School students play an essential role in supporting the school’s mission, culture, and climate. Parents and guardians have many opportunities to actively participate in their students’ learning by:

weekly electronic newsletters, progress updates from teachers, and information about how parents/guardians can help assist with learning opportunities at home.

Hamilton Middle School expects guardians  to:

General Concerns

Any questions or concerns can be routed to the Community Liaison, Dimarlys Suarez at  or 720-423-9456.

Volunteer Committees

We encourage all families to get involved, stay connected, and contribute their time and talent to make a difference at Hamilton.  If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the volunteer form online on our ‘Support’ page on our website. If you have any general questions about volunteering, please contact Dimarlys Suarez, at

Campus Beautification Day

Hamilton’s PTSA hosts a Community Clean Up Day each year. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring your family out to help clean the grounds of Hamilton. 

Collaborative School Committee (CSC)

The Hamilton  School Collaborative School Committee meets virtually once a month. Meetings are open to the public. To inquire about participating on this committee, please contact Principal Fernanda Dillon at

Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

The Hamilton PTSA meets once a month. All meetings are open to the public. To inquire about participating on this committee, please contact the PTSA President at

School Life

School Hours

The school day starts at 9:05 AM and ends at 4:05 PM, Monday through Friday. Office Hours are Monday–Friday, 8:30 AM –4:30 PM.  Hamilton’s back gate opens at 8:20 AM for students who would like to benefit from free breakfast in the Cafe until 9:00 AM. Supervision outside starts at 8:45 AM and the school doors open at 9:00 AM. Students who arrive after 9:00 AM  must check in with the main office before proceeding to their classroom.

Front Office Protocol

The main office serves as the welcome center of Hamilton. Our front office staff will assist you with checking in/out your child, attending appointments with administrators or counselors, dropping off missing assignments/lunches, etc. Visitors are asked to refrain from being on their phone while in the main office.

When picking up your child before 4:05, guardians will ring the doorbell, show their ID to the office staff and wait outside. 

Early pickup is not permitted between 3:45 PM and 4:05 PM to avoid disruptions to the students’  instructional experience.

Unscheduled School Closings

Unscheduled school closings will be reported to local news outlets and posted on the DPS and Hamilton websites. To check the websites directly, go to or

Attendance Practices

Excellent attendance is highly valued at Hamilton. Because student attendance is correlated to student success, we encourage students to be in every class, on time, every day of the school year. The school will contact guarian regarding student attendance problems and will respond with the appropriate consequences when non-attendance becomes problematic. Attendance reports can be obtained from the Parent Portal.

Class starts at 9:05 AM and tardiness counts towards student attendance. Students need to be on time to their first class and to every class period throughout the day.

Submitting Attendance Online

Denver Public Schools is proud to offer our families the opportunity to save time by letting us know that your student or students are going to be arriving late, leaving early, or absent. Starting the 23/24 school year,  you will be able to use your computer or smartphone to let your school know about absences so you can focus on taking care of your child. Guardians of DPS students must have an active DPS Parent Portal account to use this new feature. Visit to sign up, or to check that your account is active and ready. Click the link to view step-by-step in English and other language.

Excusing Absences

When possible, it is best to communicate excused absences to the Main Office prior to the absence or the day of the absence. Absences will remain “unexcused” if the request for an excuse is not provided within two days of the absence.

Documentation should include:

  1. Parent/guardian/medical provider name
  2. The name and ID number of the student
  3. The dates(s) of the absence
  4. The reason for the absence
  5. A telephone number where the parent/guardian can be contacted during the school day.

Excused absences will be` approved for the following reasons:

Excessive Absences (Truancy) -All absences and tardiness, Excused or Unexcused, count toward student truancy.

Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up

Drop off or pick up students on Dartmouth Avenue, the back gate. Please be respectful of the neighbors and do not block driveways or make U-Turns when dropping off/picking up students. 6th Grade students may be picked up in front of Holm Elementary School at dismissal time. 

The circle drive in front of the school is reserved for school bus drop off and pick up only. Please refrain from using this area as it is needed for our school buses. Parking is available in the parking lot at the front of the school.

Early Dismissal

If you need to pick up your student for early dismissal, the front office staff will check your ID,  locate your student and have them meet you in front of the school, outside our doors. Any person picking up a student must be on the approved list or we will not release the child for dismissal.

Please be aware of the following procedures:

Bus Transportation

Bus routes are set by the DPS Transportation Department. Any questions concerning this service should be directed to the transportation office. For information regarding late buses, or any other bus inquiries, please call the Parent Hotline at 303-423-4699.

Breakfast/ Lunch

Beginning August 2023, Breakfast and LUNCH meals will be provided at no cost to all students. Breakfast will be served from 8:20 AM- 9:00 AM. It is important for families to complete a free and reduced meal application each school year as this is a source of funding for our school. The application is available now on

Bell Schedule

All Hamilton students will follow the bell schedule found below. You may also click here to print the schedule.

Schedule Changes

At Hamilton, our educators facilitate learning experiences for each student to excel personally, academically, and socially. Schedules are provided to students on the morning of their first day of school. Student choice is important when choosing Unified Arts courses. Students will have two weeks to request a schedule change during the first semester and one week to request a schedule change during the second semester. Schedule change approvals depend on class size and might not always be possible.

During the first two weeks of school, school leaders reserve the right to change a student’s schedule. Due to the complexity of our class placement process, we do not honor specific requests for a classroom teacher. Schedule changes may NOT be made after two weeks into either semester.

Hall Pass

Students are expected to be on time to class and remain in class until the end of the period. Students need a Hall Pass to leave the classroom. To preserve the learning environment, no passes are given 1st and 10th periods or during the first and last 10 minutes of class. 

No Cell Phone Rule

HMS follows a NO CELL PHONE RULE. Students should not have their cellphones or air pods/earphones with them during the school day.  Students are required to turn off and store their cell phone and air pods/earphones in their OWN locker during the school day. This schoolwide rule is in effect on the first day of school and if a staff member sees a student’s cell phone or air pods/earphones, the student will be expected to hand over the device. 

Each time a cell phone or air pods/earphones is collected, families will be notified and a review of the “No Cell Phone Rule” will occur with the student. Cell phones will not be returned to the student until 4:05 PM. If the “No Cell Phone Rule” is violated a third time, the phone will be held by an administrator until a parent or guardian picks it up at school. 

The school is not responsible for searching and/or locating lost or stolen devices including air pods/earphones, and will not be held liable for damaged, lost, or stolen personal items.


Each student is assigned their own personal locker at the beginning of the school year. There are enough lockers at Hamilton so that each student is assigned their own to use for the school year. It is each student’s responsibility to keep their combination private and not share it with anyone to protect their own privacy and personal belongings. Students are not to use another student’s locker to store their personal belongings.

Tech Fee and Agreement

At the beginning of the school year, each student is issued a DPS Chromebook to access online curriculum resources to support their learning at school and home. In consideration of the use of the device and network resources at home, parents and students agree that: 

  1. The student will use the device according to the instructors’ guidance while outside of school. 
  2. The parent acknowledges that while the District makes every effort to ensure the security of the device, students may be able to access unsecured and unfiltered networks outside of the control of Denver Public Schools. Responsible use of network resources is the sole responsibility of the student and parent. 
  3. The parent and student will be personally responsible for any intentional or unintentional damage to or loss of the computing device while in the student’s care – on or off of school property. The cost of this repair or replacement will be offset by the MyTech fee. (See MyTech Handbook for details –

Additional information regarding the MyTech agreement regarding the issuance of Chromebooks to parents can also be found via this link:  Chromebook Device Agreement.

Dress Code

Attire must not disrupt the school’s learning environment. It must meet reasonable standards of cleanliness and show respect for others. Denver Public School Policy JICA- Student Dress establishes guidelines for and defines appropriate dress. Please see below for Hamilton’s additional dress code rules, which will be enforced on campus, in the building, and at school-sponsored activities. In short, clothing should cover the body from shoulder to mid-thigh including the chest, back, midriff, and buttocks. Clothing should cover undergarments. Attire for religious or health reasons is permitted.

The school administration shall have the right to evaluate any clothing to determine its acceptability within the guidelines of the dress code. Administrators shall also have the right to make an interpretation of the decency and appropriateness of any garment. Administrators, teachers, and other certified personnel are responsible for enforcing the dress code. Possible exceptions for special days will be at the discretion of the administration.

Shoes are required at all times. The following items are not acceptable on school grounds, in school district vehicles, or at school functions or activities:  

The following must be kept in the student’s assigned locker:

All-Weather Clothing

All students should come to school prepared for inclement or fair weather. At times, outdoor activities can be a major part of the daily schedule. Rain gear and cold weather gear (boots, gloves, and hats) should be brought to school when conditions necessitate.

8th Grade Continuation Requirements

Updated information coming soon!


Hamilton Middle School employs several ways of sharing information about life in the classroom and at school.

Back-to-School Night

Every August, HMS has a Back-to-School Night. On this evening, teachers will review the curriculum, classroom expectations, and activities.  It will also be a time to get to know other guardians. The date for this evening will be posted well in advance. Guardians are encouraged to attend.

Student-Family-Teacher Conferences

Hamilton has Family conferences in the Fall and Spring via Google Meet or in person. Teachers and families may also request a conference with the student, guardians, and staff if necessary.

Notices & Newsletters

The school website,, is updated regularly. Guardians and students can view the weekly announcements online, check the calendar or contact any of our faculty or staff members. Feedback and questions are always welcome by emailing our School Liaison at 

Person-to-Person Communication

Teachers welcome conversations with guardians concerning their children. Please contact a teacher via school email or voicemail. Teachers will make every attempt to respond within 48 hours. If you have a more general question or observation or if you are unable to resolve your concerns with the teacher, please contact the appropriate grade-level Dean of Culture. If you are not certain where to take your question, please contact the main office at 720-423-9500 or the School Liaison at 720-423-9456.

6th-Grade Admin Team
6th Grade Assistant Principal: Christine Manzanares
6th Grade Dean of Culture: Gloria Sanchez
7th-Grade Admin Team
7th Grade Assistant Principal: Sherri Winger
7th Grade Dean of Culture: Ike Ogbuike
8th-Grade Admin Team
8th Grade Assistant Principal: Rachel Jacobs
8th Grade Dean of Culture: Katrina Craig

Click here to print a copy of Hamilton’s School-Wide Procedures and Regulations