Hamilton Middle School Policies

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Dress Code Policy

We at Hamilton Middle School believe that a student dress policy is an essential aspect of creating a school environment that is conducive to learning, safe, and free from unnecessary disruption. Therefore, in cooperation with faculty, families, and scholars, Hamilton has developed the following, revised dress code policy for 2021-2022, founded on DPS Policy JICA, which will be enforced in the building, on school grounds, and at school functions and activities. Any discrepancies between a student’s perception of the dress code and these outlined rules will be reviewed by the Administration. This dress code is not gender-specific and is the expectation for all Hamilton students. Here’s a link to our Dress Code policy.

Please remind your child they are not allowed to wear hoodies, PJs. All clothes that must cover students’ mid-section.

Students who violate the dress code will be asked to change.

Cell Phone Policy

This is a reminder that there is a NO CELL PHONE POLICY at HMS

Remind students they should not have their phones with them during class. If students view their phones as an extension of their being, they may turn the phone off and keep it hidden during class. (Not like hidden in a Chromebook where they can still access it, but you can’t see it, but hidden like in a pocket, and kept out of their sight to avoid distraction from learning.)

Teachers have let students know if they see a phone, they will take it. (Students have already received ample notification that the phones should not be in class.) 

Additionally, students have a choice of putting the phone into a pocket chart at the beginning of class, and can take their phone out at the end of class. 

Teachers may return phones at the end of the class period, however, students are also reminded the phone will be kept for the remainder of the day if the expectation is not met a second time. Students should heed the advice to leave their phones in their lockers, as all teachers are following these practices. 

Families will be notified that the child’s phone was taken, and teachers will review the expectation of not having a phone in class. Families should know the phone will be kept all day in the future. Should the phone be taken a third time, administration will take the phone and hold it until an adult comes to the school to collect it. 

 Students are encouraged to turn off and leave their phones in their OWN lockers to avoid theft or damage. The school is not responsible for locating lost or stolen devices, and will not be held liable for damaged, lost, or stolen phones.

Snack Time

Students are assigned a snack time, in addition to their lunchtime. Food consumed outside of this time will be returned at the end of the day.

Hall Passes

Students are expected to be on time to class and remain in class until the end of the period. Students need a Hall Pass to leave the room. Students found without a pass will be expected to return to their class.

Additional Learning Time

Room 124 is now available for Additional Learning Time during lunches. Only 24 seats are available each day.  In keeping with the restorative practice’s values of holding students accountable, and providing high support, students should be assigned an ALT Lunch if they are in need of time to make up work, practice a skill, and/or engage in silent lunch.

School Hours

Masks and COVID Protocol

Please send your child with extra masks for the day. It is extremely important to continue to follow COVID protocols and understand that masks are required in the building. Many students do not like the masks we offer and prefer to wear their own. There has been an influx of scholars losing their masks throughout the day.

If students are not wearing masks, teachers will be contacting home. For students who are repeatedly asked to keep their masks over their noses, a meeting with the administration will be scheduled.

Not only is the expectation for all students to wear masks correctly, but blatant disregard for directives also will not be tolerated.

Lunch detentions will be assigned to students so they have time to practice wearing their masks unless they are actively eating or drinking. If students still do not respond to the directives to wear a mask, they will be sent to an isolation station where they can practice social distancing and will work remotely until a family member is able to come to the school for a conference.

Click the link to learn more about the current COVID protocols.