Hamilton Student Council (StuCO)

Program Sponsors


Hamilton’s Student Council members are a group of students who are elected
by their teachers and peers to address campus issues or concerns. Members of
the student council organize events and activities that benefit students, staff, and
their local community.

Our Student Council will demonstrate an understanding of
Hamilton Middle Schools’ IB traits by:


  • Volunteer during Fall Festival
  • Support Clothes To Kids
  • Visit a local nursing home
  • Manage Valentine’s Day Fundraiser
  • Host Book Drive for Holm
  • Provide School Tours for
  • prospective families
  • Assist with Pi Day
  • Manage Consignment Fundraiser
  • Student Council Lock-In Celebration


Students will work cohesively with other members of the student council and the sponsors to organize events for the school and community. Students will demonstrate a service-oriented, positive attitude within the classroom and within the community. Students will attend all student council meetings and required events. Excessive tardies or absences will result in a re-evaluation of the student’s participation in the program. Students will maintain clear communication with student council officers and sponsors throughout the school year. Student Council President must attend all PTSA meetings, while the Vice
President must attend all CSC meetings. Click here to download the Hamilton Middle School Student Council Flyer.



  • Friday mornings
  • 8:15- 9:00


  • Room 27

2023-2024 OFFICERS


Ghina Abo-Kharoub, Everleigh Adams, Meluck Almutakassi Mia Ayala-Duclerc, Nigel Bandy, Curiay Banks Harper, Sean Benedict-Bickford, Jeremy Boakye,Shukrona Bobojonova, Kayla Braman, Demitri Brown, Madeline Chufong-Sprague, Jayden Crawford, Ezequiel Duran, Terri Egner, Alexa Floore, Anthony Gonzalez-Angulo, Atticus Lard, Champ McEvlaine, Mollie Moreno, Kaan Yilmaz, Jakob Wros, Keira Wilson, Lily Wieser, Beatrix Weigel, Addison Weber, Kinsley Washburn, Cameron Troxell, Jade Smit, Crystal Saavedra-Guevar, Emmet Rivera, Izyria Phillips, Chance Phillips, Nadhiya Owens, Lisseth Orta-Reyes.

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