Student Corner

Below you will find useful dropdown tabs with important school information.

School Hours
  • School hours are 9:05 am- 4:05 pm
  • School starts at 9:05 and doors open at 9:00
  • Breakfast is served between 8:20 and 8:45
  • No Early Pick-up After 3:45pm
Bell Schedule
PeriodsTimes6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade
1Class9:05 – 10:05Unified Arts 1Core 1Core1
2Class10:10 – 11:05Core 1Core2Unified Arts 1
3/4Advisory/LunchOR Class11:10 – 12:05Core 211:10-11:30 Adv11:35 – 12:05 LunCore2
5/6Advisory/LunchOR Class12:10 – 1:0512:10-12:30 Adv12:35 – 1:05 LunUnified Arts 1Core 3
7/8Advisory/LunchOR Class1:10 – 2:05Unified Arts 2Core 31:10 – 1:30 Adv1:30 – 2:05 Lun
9Class2:10 – 3:05Core 3Core 4Unified Arts 2
10Class3:10 – 4:05Core 4Unified Arts 2Core 4
School Supply List

Your student’s teachers may have additional recommendations for supplies specific to their content. 

  • Water bottle
  • School-issued computer/Chromebook and charger (Please have devices charged prior to arriving at school)
  • Pencil pouch
  • 12 pre-sharpened pencils
  • Eraser and graphite refills, as needed
  • Personal pencil sharpener
  • 1 box of colored pencils or 1 box of markers
  • 1 pack of blue or black pens
  • a 4 pack of assorted highlighters (pink, yellow, green, and blue)
  • 4 dry erase markers
  • 3 spiral notebooks (if computer/Chromebook is not available or not working)
  • 1 box of tissues (for community donation)
  • 1 pack of notecards (for community donation)
  • 1 pack of Lysol wipes (for community donation)
  • Keep 2 extra masks in your backpack
  • White t-shirt and black shorts, leggings, or sweatpants (for PE)
Before and After School Activities/School Sports

We are very excited to announce that Hamilton Middle will have before and after school activities. We have wonderful partnerships and can’t wait to start. Here is a quick reference of what will be offered. For more information about school sports, please visit our Athletics page here.

Join Denver Children’s Choir Before School

School Clubs

HMS Student Council

Student Council 2022-2023

Congratulations to our new Student Council Committee.

Student Council Members:

  • Addison Weber
  • Antuu Dhaba
  • Beatrix Weigel
  • Jakob Wros
  • Kayla Braman
  • Keira Wilson
  • Madeline Chufong-Sprague
  • Madison Bailey
  • Meluck Almutkassi
  • Nigel Bandy
  • Yutong Huang
  • Ariam Cox
  • Brooklyn Dent
  • Diego Pina-Arias
  • Jack Baker
  • Meah Freisinger
  • Mia Pratt
  • Omar Hussaini
  • Ra’Mya Morris
  • Sebastian Garcia
  • Tatym Bunte
  • Veronica Ryan
Tech Support

Technology Support

Students use the Chromebooks assigned to them every day in class and we need your partnership. It is the student’s responsibility to charge their Chromebook each night and to take good care of the device. When a student loses their Chromebook, a 280 dollars replacement fee will be added to their account. The fee will need to be paid by the family before a new device is checked out to the student. Please contact our tech partner at if you have questions about devices.

Whole Child Website for Students

coming soon

HMS School Calendar

Click here to be directed to our live calendar.

Sports at Hamilton

Early Fall (Aug.- Mid Oct.)

  • Cross Country
  • Boys Soccer
  • Softball
  • Boys Volleyball

Late Fall (Early Oct.-Mid Nov.)

  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • 6th Grade Volleyball

Winter Sports (Mid Nov.-Mid Feb.)

  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball

Late Winter (Late Jan.- Mid March)

  • CoEd Floor Hockey
  • Girls Flag Football

Spring Sports (Mid March- Early May)

  • Girls Soccer
  • Baseball
  • 6th Grade Girls Basketball
  • 6th Grade Boys Basketball

For more information on sports visit the Athletics page.

8th Grade Continuation Requirements

Student Council

Student Council members will meet in room 219 every Friday from 8:15 am -8:45 am.

Check Digital Deets for updates on events and meetings.

Want to Be on Student Council?

Teachers can recommend a student or students can complete the application on their own. The link for the application can be found on posters in the hall and will also be available for teachers to post on Schoology for students. 

Requirements: Recommended students must be passing ALL classes with either an A, B, or C. They must have 85% attendance or higher. Students must also commit to meeting every Friday morning from 8:15-9. 

Student Council had a Squishmallow Drive and ended up collecting 41 squishmallows to donate to the Third Way Center for Christmas gifts! We’re very proud of them. 

Student News

May News

Dear Parents/Guardians, We are fast approaching the end of the school year! In order to get organized for the upcoming school year, DPS Nursing and Student Health Services has a few items for you to review: If your child hadContinue Reading


June 2nd: Summer Safety & Violence Prevention On the last day of school, we will launch a video opening FACE University’s new content section- Climate and Safety. This video will feature DPS staff on the topic of keeping summer funContinue Reading

2023 Instrument Award from Bringing Music To Life

Hamilton has been awarded the 2023 instrument award from Bringing Music To Life which will be presented on Saturday, August 12th at 2 p.m. in Hamilton Hall of the Newman Center for the Performing Arts. List of Instruments: 2 AltoContinue Reading