King Soopers Community Rewards Program

Help raise funds for Hamilton when you buy your groceries at King Soopers. King Soopers just made fundraising for Hamilton even easier! Instead of purchasing reloadable gift cards, you now simply link your SooperCard number or alternate ID (phone number) to Hamilton and we will receive a percentage of all purchases!

At the point of purchase, you must swipe your loyalty card or type in your alternate ID for your purchases to apply to Hamilton Middle School. 

To get the benefits, you must register for the program:

  1. Go to and sign in to your digital account or create a new one.
  1. Click on Enroll Now
  2. Search for Hamilton Middle School Partners
  3. Click Enroll

That’s it! You are now enrolled and can help raise FREE money for HMS’s classroom grants, student events, and staff appreciation. Thank you!

How do I view my King Soopers Community Rewards details?

It takes approximately 10 days for the King Soopers Community Rewards total to begin displaying on your receipt.

You can view the total you earned during the last quarter by signing into your King Soopers account and selecting My Account. There is a tab for the Community Rewards Program. You can verify that Hamilton is listed as your Community Rewards beneficiary and see the amount you’ve contributed. Hamilton receives payments from King Soopers quarterly. The percentage Hamilton receives varies by quarter.

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