CMAS Testing

CMAS Testing
February 21, 2020 Madeline Janicki

CMAS Testing Is Right Around the Corner

As we get closer to testing days please keep an eye out for more information to help your student be successful.

These tests are important to our school to know how well we are serving your student.  It is important that students are here on time, well-rested, and ready to do their best!  We must have an accurate measure of what your scholars know and are able to do.

Please see the testing schedule below and remember that students need to be here for every testing day!

CMAS Testing Schedule

  • English Language Arts Assessment (for all grades): March 16 – March 18
  • Math Assessment (for all grades): March 24 – March 26
  • Make Up Assessments for English Language Arts and/or Math: April 7 – April 10
  • Social Studies Assessments (grade 7 ONLY): April 14 – April 16
  • Science Assessment (grade 8 ONLY): April 14 – April 16
  • Make Up Assessments: April 20 – April 23