No Name-Calling Week

Posted January 16, 2021

No Name-Calling Week is held by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) from January 18th-22nd to ensure LGBTQ+ students across the country feel safe to be themselves in school and in our country!

Why should we participate in No Name-Calling Week?

  • No Name-Calling Week is great for midpoint reminders in the school year of the expectations for respectful behaviors we use to build upon school-wide efforts of respect.
  • It allows others to express their self-identity, determination, and affirmation. You can better understand names, pronouns, and the identity that empowers a student.
  • Participating helps to address school-based issues related to LGBTQ+ support.

Why focus on “Name-Calling”

  • In a National School Climate, GLSEN found that 98% of LGBTQ+ students heard “gay” used in a negative way and over 90% felt distressed due to this.
  • 95% of students also reported hearing other homophobic remarks and negative remarks about genders.
  • LGBTQ+ students experience more sexual harassment, bullying, and unwanted negative attention and actions than their peers.

How to Participate

  • Don’t bully other students or call them hurtful names!
  • Stand up, if safely possible, in situations where students are being called names or being bullied.
  • Support other efforts to end bullying and name-calling.

If you are being called names or bullied, remember “SAFE”