Posted January 7, 2022

Get involved! Any volunteers or community partners who interact with students will have their vaccination status verified in the front office. All people in the building whether they interact with students or visit the front office must be masked at all times.

Opportunities for InvolvementContact
Become a crossing guardRachel_Langberg@dpsk12.net
Join the Collaborative School CommitteeRachel_Langberg@dpsk12.net
Join the Multi-Language Education Parent Advisory CommitteeYuly_Melo-Laffey@dpsk12.net
Donate moneydimarlys_suarez@dpsk12.net
Parent-Teacher-Student Association hamiltonptsadenver@gmail.com
Start an African American Parent Advisory CommitteeRachel_Langberg@dpsk12.net
Volunteer with athleticsvictoria_elmore@dpsk12.net
Volunteer in the schooldimarlys_suarez@dpsk12.net

Have an idea to incorporate?! Reach out to our liaison to get more information about getting involved! dimarlys_suarez@dpsk12.net or 720-423-9456.