Recycled Materials for STEM Projects

Posted August 22, 2022

It’s that time of year again – Our Design and Modeling students will complete a design challenge at the beginning of the semester using repurposed and recycled materials. If you are in the market to de-clutter please bring your donations down to the school and mark them STEM.

Examples of materials we always need:

  • cardboard boxes**
  • 2-liter size plastic bottles
  • foam board, foam padding
  • foam in general,]
  • bubble wrap
  • batting
  • velcro
  • elastic
  • duct tape
  • cotton balls
  • twine
  • rope
  • paper clips
  • fabric pieces
  • fasteners or buckles
  • sheet plastic
  • packing paper
  • old electronics or computer parts. 
  • (**Note on boxes please remove or black out personal information on any package labels. Thank you in advance for this!) 

The following items are less useful: 

  • small boxes
  • plastic bottles smaller than 2-liters (ie. water bottles, sports drinks, etc.)
  • cans, anything with sharp or pointy edges
  • safety pins
  • anything glass or ceramic
  • plastic bags
  • very small scraps of fabric
  • packing peanuts
  • plastic air pocket packing (think amazon packing)
  • egg cartons
  • shoe liners
  • liquids
  • arousals
  • paint
  • newspaper or magazines
  • food or hygiene containers
  • old batteries
  • glitter(!)
  • or anything sticky that should not be sticky