Project Christmas Tree

Posted December 2, 2022

The story behind Project Xmas Tree

Shawn started the Project the year after the Covid Lockdown when he knew people had been unemployed and most likely were having a tough time trying to get Christmas together.  We put out the call and had a small group of 17 trees donated before Christmas that year.  Every one of them found a new home. We had an overwhelming response of donated trees after the holiday that year and last year we had around 35 trees and almost all of them found homes.  This year we have between 15 to 20 trees ready to go and in just the last couple of days have received 3 more in donations!

All trees are donated for various reasons;{lights don’t work, missing stand, too big, or too small} and all are assembled, checked, repaired, or the lights are replaced, and all are then made ready to donate.  All have at least 300 lights to go with them, a stand, and some have a box or a bag for storage.  We do have a small selection of shorter smaller trees and those ones may have less than 300 lights depending upon size.

They are on a first come first serve basis as we discussed. Contact us directly via TEXT at the numbers given to make sure one of us are available to meet for pick up. 

If you are interested in a tree please see the flyer below.

Interested in donating instead?

We take donations of trees, Christmas decor, or kids’ items. We are always looking towards next year and can take them now or after the holiday.