CSC 2023-24

Posted August 28, 2023

August 27th, 2023

Dear Hamilton Community,

Every school within the Denver Public School District has a Collaborative School Committee (CSC) in place.  The CSC brings together staff, parents, students, and community members to create and implement a plan to promote high achievement and a safe & welcoming environment within the school.

Being a part of the CSC is an exciting opportunity to be involved in our school community, not to mention to participate in the education of all our students.  Our school is working towards some great goals and we believe that by working together, we can achieve them!

We have seven openings on our CSC: 3 parents or guardians, 1 community member, 1 PTSA member and 2 students. We meet virtually on Mondays from 5 until 6 pm every month and will have a few extra meetings during the month of February through April.  We ask that CSC members participate in the meetings consistently and commit to being a member for the entire school year.

If you are interested in your name being placed on the ballot for one of the openings, please complete  the nomination form on this link by September 3rd. 

If you would like more information concerning the CSC before making a decision, please feel free to contact me  at  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I encourage you to participate in this great work.

In partnership,

Fernanda Dillon