Showing PRIDE at FACE University!

Posted September 14, 2023


Thursday, September 21st, Parenting and Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth

Join us ONLINE 6:00 – 6:45 pm for a session on Parenting and Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth. This session will be hosted by Fortaleza Familiar in both English and Spanish (English 9/21, Spanish 9/28). As usual, there will be a PRIZE giveaway for people who attend our live session. You must RSVP to qualify for our giveaway, and receive the link to attend this session.

Thursday October 12th, 5:00 – 5:45 pm: Supporting LGBTQ+ Kids – Resources and Information from PFLAG Denver

Join us ONLINE 5:00 – 5:45 PM! This session will provide families and caregivers of queer youth with resources to show up as informed, supportive advocates. With 40 years of experience, PFLAG Denver supports and connects families on their journey of loving and advocating for their children and loved ones. Content includes educational resources on allyship, tools for navigating school and other systems, and information for further support and connection.

 You must RSVP to qualify for our giveaway, and receive the link to attend this session. RSVP HERE 

*Necesitas Espanol para Crianza y apoyo de jovenes LGBTQ+? Por Favor, seleccionar JUEVES, 28 de Septiembre.Confirme AQUÍ para asistir virtualmente por Zoom !
Visit last month’s Face U. topic: Climate and Safety 

You will find a video of our most recent class in ENGLISH and SPANISH – School Emergency Protocols


Need other resources? Check out our Resource Hub!!