Gifted and Talented

What does it mean to be identified as gifted?

Gifted and talented children in DPS are students whose demonstrated abilities, talents, and/or potential for accomplishment are so exceptional or developmentally advanced that they require special provisions to meet their educational needs. These students perform or show the potential of performing, at remarkably high levels in general intellectual ability, specific academic aptitude, or specific talent aptitude when compared with others of their age and experience. Gifted and talented children are present in all student groups, regardless of gender, disability, English language proficiency, economic status, ethnic or cultural background.


For more information contact our Gifted & Talented Itinerant Teacher, Chelsea Chappell-Cox.

Gifted and Talented Itinerant Teacher

GT News

GT Family Newsletter- October 2023

Read all about Gifted and talented throughout childhood development here.  Nominate your 7th & 8th grader for Gifted & Talented testing here. Due, this Tuesday, October 17th. 6th graders already participated in our GT universal screening this year.

Gifted and Talented October News

Gifted & Talented Updates In an effort to increase understanding of the state law and rights related to a formal Gifted identification, we have created the Advanced Learning Plan FAQ (accessible here in English/Spanish/Arabic and additional languages) and Procedural Safeguard documents (accessible hereContinue Reading