STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Hamilton Middle School is one of only a few middle schools in Denver with a state-certified STEM program!

Why is a strong STEM program important in middle school?

Academic Interest Often Wanes in Middle School

Middle school can be a hard time for students, and social priorities can outweigh academic ones. Unfortunately, during middle school students can form negative opinions of math and science and often retain those biases – permanently. By the time students reach high school, many view science as “uninteresting, unimportant, and irrelevant to their lives.” But programs in middle school that help “connect the dots” between STEM and real life make science and math feel relevant for kids, keeping them engaged and interested

Career Aspirations Begin in Middle School

While academic interest can wanes in the middle-school years, students are already forming serious opinions about future career paths. Exposure to STEM programs during this time helps students to seriously consider jobs in engineering, technology, manufacturing, biology, etc. Many are perhaps looking at these career possibilities for the first time. These aspirations inform critical future choices, such as choosing STEM classes in high school or even applying to STEM-centered magnet schools. These small decisions are what lead to adult careers in STEM fields

STEM Training Teaches Problem Solving

STEM Training Teaches Problem Solving

Not every student who takes STEM classes in middle school will pursue a STEM-related career, but the skills they gain can be applied to any field. Since STEM programs specifically hone analytical reasoning and problem solving, all students stand to benefit!

STEM Education Facilitates Hands-On Learning

Engaging in hands-on learning is critical to reaching middle-school students – and, STEM education is the perfect vehicle. Instead of boring long classes, students should be inspired to fully engage in projects: conducting experiments, making decisions, and learning through trial and error. 

Hamilton’s STEM program provides a direct pipeline to Thomas Jefferson High School’s magnet program.

Current 8th Graders

Hamilton Band Students

Hamilton band students, We are having a FREE percussion clinic for ONLY percussion students next Wednesday, Sept. 8th right after school from 4:15 pm-5:45 pm.  Parents don’t need to do anything except make sure to pick up their child from Hamilton MS at 5:45 pm.  Our guestContinue Reading

Hamilton’s Design and Modeling STEM students need your help!

Our Design and Modeling STEM students will be designing and building prototypes of a foot orthosis (brace) for children with cerebral palsy. We need A LOT of supplies for the students to use. If you have any of the followingContinue Reading


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