Lunch Updates

Posted October 26, 2021

In order to adhere to updated social distancing recommendations that students stay at least 3 feet away from each other during times they are most vulnerable to contracting COVID, we have implemented a split lunch for all grade levels. Students will have 15 minutes to eat in the cafeteria, and 15 minutes to play outside. All students are expected to sit with one seat in between them during lunch. Students who do not follow the expectations will be assigned a table to sit at alone.

It’s important to know that DPS has a nutrition standard for snacks. Students should not be bringing or eating bags of chips. If food is consumed outside of assigned snack times, students will receive a reminder to put the food away, and if directions aren’t followed, the food will be taken and thrown away. 

Nutrition Standards 

  • Food Provided, But Not Sold to Students expectations are taken from DPS School Board Policy ADF-R
    • Food provided, but not sold, to students on the school campus, during the school day must meet the following nutritional guidelines:  
      • BEVERAGES:  First ingredient may not be a form of sugar (sugar, honey, HFCS, sucrose, corn syrup, brown sugar, cane sugar, etc.).
        • EXAMPLES:
          • Water
          • 100% juice, 4.23 oz portion (1 juice box)
          • Lowfat white milk, 8 oz portion
      • FOODS: Single serving size only and must be less than 300 calories and less than 20 grams of sugar.
        • EXAMPLES:
          • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, unlimited
          • Low-fat dips to accompany fruits and vegetables (1 T. per student)
          • Fruit cups, no added sugar, ½ cup serving
          • Low-fat pudding cups, ½ cup serving
          • Pretzels, crackers, 1 oz portion
          • Vanilla wafers, animal crackers, 1 oz portion
          • String cheese, cheese sticks (1 oz portion)